Ali Technique ™

The neck houses two different arteries and circulatory systems for both— the conscious and sub-conscious brain.


The carotid artery, located in the front of the neck, provides blood and oxygen to the Cerebrum or conscious part of the brain, which came in later on in existence and was only present in mammals whose functions are thought, memory, intellect, decision making and speech.


The vertebral artery, housed securely in between the vertebral column provides blood flow to the cerebellum or sub-conscious part of the brain also known as reptilian brain due to its presence in all living beings and its existence being present since the inception of life whose major functions are posture and balance.


The vertebral artery is also responsible for circulation to the other crucial parts of the head such as the pituitary (hormone regulator) hypothalamus (sensory impulses such as taste, smell and vision, emotions such as pain and pleasure, aggression and amusement, sleep cycles, food consumption and body temperature), brain stem leading to the midbrain (respiration, breathing rhythms, digestion, reflexes such as swallowing, sneezing, coughing, motor control, vision and hearing and its reflexes)


Any impact on the body leads to the formation of plaque (blockages) which begins to disrupt proper circulation. The neck, being the most delicate part of the body due to its ability to withstand against gravity and provide maximum movement compared to other parts of the body, is also one that receives the maximum impact from everyday stressors. Birthing injuries such as forceps delivery, aggressive pulling and reverse births as well as childhood falls create the first misalignments in the cervical spine which set the foundation for future problems. Untreated, over time these misalignments along with other impacts and lactic and/or uric acid deposits, tend to reduce circulation tremendously both to the brain and corresponding areas and increase the chances for slipped discs and referred neurological symptoms.


The Ali Technique is a unique patented Technique developed by the Ali Brothers and encompasses the foundations of Integrated Health — believing that the body possesses an innate healing power (called physis) which when stimulated, provides the capacity for the body to self-heal.