In the late 1800s Great grandfather Dr Shaikh Abdul Hameed Ali coined the essence of the concept of Integrated Medicine. A practicing doctor and homeopathic physician in the city of Calcutta, he started to gain popularity for his unique methods of diagnosis and rare ability to combine the best of what conventional medicine had to offer for that specific ailment.


In 1970s his Grandson and my eldest uncle Dr.Mosaraf Ali while studying in his final years of medicine at International Centre of Medical Research, Moscow (then USSR) came to a conclusion that the body has a powerful innate inner healing power and the unique ability to cure diseases itself. Little did he know that his interest and research of this would bring him back to where his grandfather left off in his quest to integrated health. He immediately contacted my father, Dr Mohsin Ali who was studying in Singapore at that time and both decided to pursue this unheard method of integrating various forms of diagnosis and treatments further.


A chance meeting with HRH The Prince of Wales in 1991 in London while attending a conference sparked similarities in HRH’s keen interest in the range of traditional methods of healing. This led to the conceptualisation of the first Integrated Medical Centre, the first of its kind in the heart of London’s medical district, housing 33 world class practitioners and providing cutting edge treatments to the famous of the world. The centre was notoriously famous in 2000s for having a waitlist of minimum 6 months for an initial consultation appointment.


The centre has become a well-respected institution catering for both local and overseas patients and has great success in treating a wide variety of conditions. It is visited by an average 500 – 600 patients per week and frequented by Royalty, celebrities, footballers. It’s not uncommon for people to be seated across TV personalities in the waiting room all for their turn at experiencing the miracles of The Ali Technique and for many tired and exhausted ones, it being the last resort.


Dr Ali is passionate about making rehabilitative medicine available to the wider public and the clinic is involved in research projects to achieve this aim. The clinic was involved in a pilot study on Stroke Rehabilitation at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and Medical School. This research was spearheaded by our team in the rehabilitation of stroke patients.